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This table is a one of a kind as it is. Not only does it feature an original Star Trek pinball playfield, with new electronic controls, and LED lighting, but has four real meteorites built into it’s back container. Also their are three lit Dilithium crystals to fuel this beauty (these where not easy to acquire, as they don’t really exist).
The project took 390 working hours to complete, starting during July 2014. It was first shown at the PlayIt 2014 gameshow in Budapest. I recently checked out this list where I found the best gaming monitor right now, if you want to can take a look, now I’ll be able to play the escape the prison game just how I want by using the best fps gaming mouse perfect for this game.

The Shuttle


‘The Shuttle’ revives a 1991 Star Trek pinball by Data East. The shape of a landing shuttle from the Enterprise starship was a base, then the ratios, forms and sizes where modified to fit a coffee table.


The Crystals


Purchasing the right size and shape meteorites was also an adventure, not to mention organizing Dilithium, which simply does not exist in our universe.

The lighting is converted to LED technology, and is controlled by a custom made panel. The table boasts a Muoninalusta, a Chelyabinsk, a Moldavite and an Indochynite meteorite, and three Dilithium crystals.


Meteorites are ready.


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