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The team have done the final preparations for next week’s Hotelympia 2016. Here are the best snaps we took. See you next week in London, ladies and gents!

Bubble Wrap

Safety first! We always ensure our products get to their destination safe and sound!


The look

The same amazed look you are going to have when visiting our stand next week! O.o


Classy guide

We are not just about the design, we also introduce the blueprints and manuals on our stand – but why not make it look classy?


Colour range

Well, these tables are highly customisable…just pick a colour and paint the town!



Our fictional café shop design proves that the cassette shape is good for traditional heritage brand designs.



Do not worry, the real legs of the table are looking less weird.



Well, this is how they look. Also convertible, and can be powdercoated in any colour the spectrum has to offer.


Union Jack

Hard work always pays off – it certainly did with the end product of that project.



If you cant tell whats the connection between cassettes and pencils, you were probably born in the CD-era.


Classic cassette

One for those who are looking for some more traditional stuff.


Lock and loadLock and Load – Hotelympia, here we come!

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