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  /  ...THE THINGS WE LOVE   /  Five fantastic things that have fallen off the Star Wars bandwagon…

It’s very difficult to not heave from the amount of Star Wars BS that is pushed down the throat of fans and non-heavy users alike, but we have actually found five pieces that will work surprisingly well in an interior, even if it’s not the hideout of a SW geek.

5. You might have already considered this fine hand-knotted Death Star rug  from Nepal for your faithful Wookie?  Where else would your tall brown furry friend curl up on a cold Hoth night?  This purchase will cost 2900 Imperial Credits (Yeas the Evil Empire’s, USA Dollars), taxes may vary from system to system.


Death Star Rug

The Death Star have never been so warm and tender.


4. The Ewok Village Lamp

Etsy merchant 88 Miles Per Hour handcrafted this lamp using vintage figurines a lamp, and a can of silver paint. No, no green on this Endor, still a very Geek-friendly purchase for your first living room.


Epic Star Wars Lights

And the Ewoks win silver for best lamp performed by bears!

3. Star Wars fighter – inspired chandeliers

Galactic spacecraft battle in your house? Sure!  Those badass X-Wing and TIE Fighter chandeliers are made of old bycicle parts and fluorescent light tubes by Heavy Petal – a collaboration of Manchester-based interior designer company Northern Backdrop and Andrew Gibson of Tyson Lightning.




Rebel Pride - Neon Light

Neon Light – Rebel Pride.


TIE Fighter

Turn on for the Empire!


2. Star Wars vinyl clock

The  time of Vinyl Evolution from the Ukraine has come.  You surely can’t listen to the Cantina Band butcher the Imperial March on these , but at least you’ll be able to track the time you’ve spent with your imaginary friends from that galaxy far, far away…


Star Wars vinyl clock

Come on DJ, spin that Sith!



  1. Just because we made this baby, doesn’t mean we have to be biased. Still we think no household with a true Star Wars fan should go without R2PO. At the top of our obviously un-objective list is this coffee table boasting a fully functional SW pinball game, and gold leafing all around. Planning a perfect childhood at 40? Here’s the chance for a very selected few! You could also add another toys to your second childhood, like some video games or a remote car with the 9 Best Remote Control Cars for 2017 – Top9Rated

Meet my Dads, C3PO and R2D2!

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