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The Druid


Glass wizardry and woodcarving magic is at work with this piece of wonder, a favourite with the ladies. The body of „The Druid” is made of seamlessly UV-attached opti-white glass (no green effect on the sides, or on colours), the legs are handcarved pillars of Merlin’s Temple. The seals of Earth, Wind and Fire decorate the sides, but as the celtic cross (yes, that is magic, we did not plan this) projected on the floor proves, this is table is no trip to Boogie Wonderland.

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Donor: Earth Wind Fire pinball by Zaccharia built in 1987

Manufacturing Time: 210 Hours

Redesigned by: András Lacfi

Height: 51 cm / 20,08 inches
Length: 121 cm / 47,64 inches
Width: 66 cm / 25,98 inches

Weight: 30 Kgs / 66 Pds


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