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The Beast


This bonecrushing creation is to speak to your barbaric side! Hand riveted and sewn premium cowhide featuring clawmarks from previous battles, and the playfield of 1987 game „Arena” by Gottlieb all incorporate building the perfect beast.The legs are of 100% authentic cattle bones, which took two weeks to preparefor installation. Three lighting programs, a red lit plexi bottom, and some of the original sounds compliment this house-trained monster. Only for the wild at heart!

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Donor: Arena pinball built by Gottlieb in 1987

Theme: Underdressed and distressed barbarians, a spider-like monster, leather, rivets and bloodletting.

Manufacturing Time: 210 Hours

Redesigned by: András Lacfi

Height: 51 cm / 20,08 inches
Length: 121 cm / 47,64 inches
Width: 66 cm / 25,98 inches

30 Kgs / 66 Pds


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