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This memento to the Great Green Giant is a one-off mad mongrel of art and function. Should you seize the opportunity to own this, over the top homage to Bruce Banner and his alter ego, your life will feel as if it has been blasted with a gamma bomb. This piece features four lighting programs (controlled by a vintage U.S. made dosimeter), aluminum covered wooden body, three-layered “Smashed” glass sides, all of which rest on welded iron legs that spell out “HULK”. The Bruce Banner lab access card will remind you of the man before the beast. Meanwhile, enameled text bubble, purple outer LED lighting, and burnt-fist marks will teach you to fear the unbridled rage of the Hulk.

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Donor: The Incredible HULK Pinball manufactured by Gottlieb in 1979

Manufacturing Time: 299 Hours

Redesigned by: András Lacfi

Height: 53 cm / 20,87 inches
Length: 125 cm / 49,21 inches
Width: 71 cm / 27,95 inches

Weight: 45 Kgs / 100 lb


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