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Peter’s Apple


Peter’s Apple is the latest work of Budapest based luxury boutique workshop Altar Furniture. They call it a coffee table, but really it is NYC in Peter Parker’s worst nightmare. Like all of ALTARs objects, it is a 100% built by hand, by Ernő the ex church organ maker. 250 hours of labour, and a lot of laughter has gone into it. It features hand carved buildings, automotive grade paint, and a glossy finish to match. Moving elevator lights, a rooftop helipad and pool with a drowned superhero complete the buildings separated into old and new Manhattan.
The 1978 pinball playfield from ‘The Amazing Spiderman” sits on top. Not only does it have a LED lighting programmes, but is also an item that has survived the Balkan Wars in a bombed Belgrade arcade.

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Donor: The Amazing Spider-Man pinball built by Gottlieb

Design by: András Lacfi
Co-designer: Kriszta Szegedi

Height: 54 cm / 21,5 inches
Length: 147 cm / 57,9 inches
Width: 71,5 cm / 28,2

40 Kgs / 88 Pds


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