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Kodály Method


Your only shot at a private alien invasion is finaly available!
Fans of Close Encounters of the The Third Kind will have tons to discover. The uninitiated will simply not get it. This piece is our most complex to date. A spaceship would of been easier to design. Enjoy the lit panels, truss legs and pentatonic color board, all while being abducted. Only the most hardcore devotee will catch a glimpse of the strobe-lit cymbal playing monkey that haunted our nightmares. Want it? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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Donor: Close Encounters of the Third Kind pinball by Gottlieb built in 1978

Theme: Aliens, sci-fi, dysfunctional families, the pentatonic scale and creepy apes.

Manufacturing Time: 397 Hours

Redesigned by: András Lacfi

Comments: By far the most complicated table we have done.

Height: 51 cm / 20,08 inches
Length: 113 cm / 44,5 inches
Width: 58 cm / 22,8 inches

Weight: 40 Kgs / 88 Pds


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