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Druid Desk


If only magic can save you with work, or you need a wizard’s potion to finish a lagging project, here’s your perfect companion! Crafted from the cabinet of 1987 Zaccharia pinball „Earth Wind Fire”, the artwork is truly exceptional. We decided to give this fire breathing pegasus a high gloss finish, the drawer front is made if the backbox’s side, legs have new powder coating, and rubber casters. It will put a spell on you!

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Function: Office desk

Donor: Star Trek pinball by Data East built in 1991

Manufacturing Time: 20 Hours

Redesigned by: András Lacfi

Height: 79 cm / 31,1 inches
Length: 122 cm / 48 inches
Width: 77 cm / 30,3 inches

Weight: 15 Kgs / 33 lb


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