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Model: Blue


A kind of Blue (or green?) cassette coffee table that shows just how beautifully these tapes can be finished.

We use German automotive grade paints, they look and feel like petting an Audi. We can custom paint them for you in almost any colour.

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The Great Tapes are made of MDF, are handpainted using top quality autograde paints, and are decorated with vynil decals. The legs are sandblasted and powdercoated iron. Each table contains 120 meters of satin, to give you a real tape feeling, and yes, the wheels turn in the table. Make sure not to unwind all of it, it is a nightmare to put back.

Very little assembly required.

Height: 45 cm / 17,7 inches
Length: 103 cm / 40,5 inches
Width: 64 cm / 25,1 inches
Weight: 20 kgs


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