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  /  ...WHAT HAPPENS TO US   /  The Phantom: A visual aria from ALTAR.

Gaston Leroux’s widely popular piece – even you consider it a tacky rip-off of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve‘s 1740 ‘Beauty and the Beast’- has inspired many in the past century. Iron Maiden’s 1980 classic debut had a song with the same title, and pinball makers DataEast couldn’t stay away from it’s draw either, when they produced the pinball carrying the same title 1991.

Once we got our hands on a nice example of the game, we knew where to run with it.

Being that Ernő, our head of manufacturing has built church organs for years, and given the famous organ sounds of the musical, organ pipes where a must. As you can see, on the first known dreawing of the project, we initaly aimed for a playable organ in the  table, but tuning problems made this impossible.

Conversion of the format to a “no backbox” fomrat took a while, placing the scoreboard was also a challenge.

Meticulously edited to perfection, this beauty took more than 300 hours of work to finish. Real church organ pipes, hand carved leaves and skull patterns, and musical notes splattered in blood paired with a Phantom of the Opera playfield inside. This table is our first, and probably the world’s most beautiful functioning pinball coffee table. Tkae a look at how the Phantom was born, and a video illustrate it’s magic, and that I was right in not choosing a TV career.



MDF and copper organ pipes. 100% authentic.

DetailedLayers of paints later, the splattered blood crowns it all.


Skulls and leaves

Religious attention to detail; leaves and skulls were carved and painted by hand.



The 'Phantom'

Done! The converted coin door was the biggest pain, belive it or not…


The video with Andras speaking about the Phantom, as we promised at the beginning:


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