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  /  ...WHAT HAPPENS TO US   /  A new home for one of our Nirvana Great Tape tables.

The new home for our Nirvana inspired Great Tape table at Nick’s at Marin Hills Northern California is surely ‘Safer Than Heaven’. Nick, being a huge music fan, wanted to get this Nirvana cassette done as a table for their living room. The end  product, as always, is as eye catching as it gets.

Nick even shared a review of it on our Houzz page.

“Delighted to get our great tape coffee table. Made to order and delivered to London in 2 weeks. Very well crafted and a wonderful addition to our living room.”

The table inspired by Nirvana's frst demo "Safer Tahn Heaven" is ready to be shipped to Nick.

The table inspired by Nirvana’s frst demo “Safer Tahn Heaven” is ready to be shipped to Nick.

And it's in the safe zone, installed to be the centre of attention at Nick's living room.

And it’s in the safe zone, installed to be the centre of attention at Nick’s living room.



  • Rafael Castellano

    Hi guys. I´d like to make some questions about Nirvana´s table.

    First of all, do you sell to individual customers located abroad?, specifically to Spain?
    What´s the size of the table?
    What´s the prize?
    How long does the sending take?

    Thanks and sorry for my English.


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