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  /  ...WHAT HAPPENS TO US   /  Cardiff based New York Diner gets custom NAS Great Tape

There is a cool, cozy place called New York Diner in Cardiff, Wales. And to add some more flavour to their space, they have decided to get their custom Great Tape done by Altar Furniture.

They wanted to add some hip-hop vibe in their lounge area, picking a cassette from one of the biggest icons of the genre; NAS. They wanted to get the original ‘Illmatic’ cassette of the New York-born legend recreated, but with a black body.

Needless to say, we have flawlessly delivered, as confirmed by the diner’s interior designer partner, Abigail Green:

“The table is a complete show stopper in the restaurant, it’s by far my favourite piece. You get what you pay for, the quality of the craftsmanship is easily a 5 star from me. ”


NAS Illmatic original

The original cassette.

New York Diner's table version.

New York Diner’s table version.

All handmade, like every table we do.

All handmade, like every table we do.

NAS Great Tape in Cardiff

Looks great in Google Street View as well!

NAS certificate

The personalised Certificate of Authenticity.

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