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  /  ...THE THINGS WE LOVE   /  Iron Maiden gets custom dressing room in Budapest.

It’s been thirty years since Iron Maiden first played in Hungary! To commemorate this, and to launch our new rock inspired AMPER line, we produced a custom made, one of a kind coffee table for the band’s dressing room.

To accompany this brilliant table we also designed and crafted a kids lego gift box, that contained a thank you note, and an original piece of the Iron Curtain (a piece of barbed wire in this case), that closed off Hungary from the West until 1989. Iron Maiden was the first top international act to venture behind it, and play for the fans in the eastern block.

The band loved it, made us proud, and Bruce chose to take the box with him!

Happy trails little box, and thanks to Iron Maiden!

P.s.: A special thanks to LiveNation for supporting us and for Fiala De Gábor for taking the shots!


The first draw.

It all started with pen and paper…


Mock up.

The mock up. The lettering was all over the place…



The plaques! Fiddling around with font sizes.


The box with no decals

The red leather is in place, so is the Iron Curtain, but no decals on the outside!


The finished Iron Maiden box

Scream for me Budapest!


Photo Shoot

Quick photo shoot before the concert.


The Maiden's Gift

The end product, the ‘Maiden’s Gift! Be Hallowed by the Name!

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