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  /  ...THE THINGS WE LOVE   /  Hotelympia debutee ‘Great Tape’ gets custom wedding design.

Our newest wedding themed design will be on display in GS Magazine’s Design Features at Stand 2230 of Hotelympia.

What’s the first thing you hear when you talk to a couple just planning their wedding? They want to make it as special and unique as it gets.Sometimes, they even go as far as getting something like this custom necklace pendant. One such couple just stumbled upon our website and spotted the potential in our Great Tape tables.
After a short  consultation, the idea was born. It was all up to our design team to come up with the goods!

We used our high end quality cassette body in white, applied lavender blue legs, and designed a label that reflects on the customers’ wish. The end result is a strikingly beautiful dining table that is a perfect marriage between elegance and fun. A really unique top table for the wedding hall!

That this another great project that proves that these tables are the highlights of any events, be that a wedding, party, conference or any other form of hospitality.


The Wedding Cassette Table for Hotelympia.

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