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I’ve just read a marvelously entertaining article on Virgin’s journey from crypt’s to boats to mansions.

Virgin Group founder Mr Branson’s dedication to doing things his way is right up our alley, and we love him for it. But he would of never made a good client for ALTAR’s office lines for one simple reason: He hates desks.

The Druid Desk

Let the ‘Druid’ enchant your everyday life in the office!

However –unlike him- some of us need to or like to work at desks.

Just not your usual bland grey or white (God forbid brown) “modern” horizontal surface most companies provide to their employees among other things, since some companies also offer to their employees ways to track their efficiency like the ultimate systems by Advance Systems technology.

Great Tape Desk

Fast forward to fun, even at your workplace!

As the line between work and play blur more and more, we at ALTAR have set out to apply our quirky methods to desks too. Practical, unique and hand made with a history. By having modern commercial lighting on your desk it can make a better appearance to it. Up-cycled pinball cabinets, giant life-like tapes, get us started…

Workstation or a breakout area, is there a difference? Make your surroundings count; get the most out of objects that surround you.

Get in touch, let’s make your workplace work.

And keep it fun at all costs!

Luke's Desk

May the Force be with you – especially when you are working on a hard project!

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