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Did not even catch the breath after Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, hardcore craftmanship has appeared in its hometown.
When great minds think alike, ALTAR’s mad-made design meets the biggest pinball event in Hungary. Arcadia is organised by the establishers of Europe’s biggest  ongoing pinball exhibition, the owners of Pinball Museum. They created a weekend getaway not only  for gamers, but also for the most enthusiastic amateurs with over 200 playable pinball machine.

The event was such a blast, escpecially because that was the first time Hungarian audience got to see our interactive tables, such as the famous R2PO or the Phantom.



None of the visitors could walk  away without leaving positive feedback.

’They are turning old pinball machines into luxury furniture.  The result is unbelievable, I was completely amazed by their work. The Star Wars table with all its details was so much different from the same game at the exhibition.’

’We  cannot forget to mention András Lacfi, the owner and designer of ALTAR Furniture. His workshop brough the well-known commodore cassettes back as coffee tables, the old pinball machines as divine coffe tables.’

 Please find the whole interview with András through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpotFilmLtd

ALTAR was not only an exhibitor this time. We sponsored the event with prizes for the Hungarian Pinball Open – ALTAR Classic category. Although, a lot of international player attended to the competition, the winner of ALTAR Classic was a Hungarian player, Kálmán Sághy.


Kálmán with our ’Panthera’ lamp throphy


In conclusion, it was great to meet the most dedicated fans of what we love.
Looking forward to the upcoming stories!


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