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Read about our stay in Frankfurt where we participated in Europe’s biggest music trade show, Musikmesse 2016.

Sometime in 2015, we decided to visit Musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt, to release our newest ‘Amper’ collection. This line is based on iconic guitar amplifier – looking poufs and coffee tables, including an Orange, Marshall and VOX one. Given that fact, the stage was set to make a succesful debut at Europe’s largest music business fair.

The Amper collection

After seven months and countless hours spent with preparation, on the 5th of April we began our journey from Budapest to Frankfurt. After 11 hours of driving and going over everything important for the last time, we arrived to Messe Frankfurt.

On the road

As soon as we set up the main parts of our stand we headed straight to our accomodation to get some well-deserved sleep before setting up Musikmesse’s Business Lounge on the next day.

The place where the magic happened.

We have placed 6 tables and ‘Light After Death’ lamps in there, bringing a bit of a difference to the commercial space designed for business meetings. In the same time we had another amazing items displayed on our stand, as displayed on the picture above as well.

Furthermore, we could manage to get a spot for our cassette table dedicated to Mikkey Dee from Motörhead in the Drum Camp, where Mikkey himself played throughout the show. He later decided to buy the table straight away, and even paid a visit to our stand!

Mikkey Dee and Altar

The whole atmosphere of the Musikmesse was electric. Our stand was located right next to ESP Guitar‘s huge stand and stage, where numerous great guitarists did their daily gigs. That, of course, made a lot of noise, with the drummers of Drum Camp banging just a few stands away as well. But it just added to the whole ‘festival’ feeling that the show had. People casually strolling around, having a beer and a good laugh, no matter if they were business visitors or  fans/musicians.

And they did like our stand!

Lots of people stopped by, being curious about what we do and generally loving our stuff! The younger ones’ favourite had to be R2PO, the golden droid-looking pinball coffee table. At times it was like we were operating a “Kindergarten”, with youngsters playing with the 1990 Data East Star Wars pinball build inside R2PO.

Kids playing R2PO

Our time in Frankfurt can easily be classed as “well spent”. Musikmesse opened a lot of doors for us, our Amper collection had a succesfull launch and conquered the hearts of music lovers at the show as well, hand in hand with the ‘Great Tape’ line.

On the 11th of April we waved goodbye to the city, but not permanently. We are planning to return next year and have another blast of a time with the lovely Musikmesse people.

And a message for everyone who have been visiting our stand: Thank you for stopping by and liking our stuff! You are awesome!

Frankfurt Skyline

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