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Divine pinball coffee tables, with religious attention to Detail

ALTAR is a beautiful, unusual company on the interiors/art scene, founded in 2013 by advertising and music biz veteran András Lacfi, and a church-organ building friend, Ernő Balogh.

The bespoke luxury furniture workshop, based in Budapest, got its first taste of global fame in May, 2015, when Star Wars inspired “DROID” coffee table conquered the internet in days. Since then The “Great Tape” cassette tables and the guitar amplifier inspired “Amper” range have both proved to be huge hits with both the residential and commercial crowd, and are noted among the most exclusive and desirable objects for a music themed interior.

The crazy and often self-indulgent designs have the latent purpose of stealing attention in any hotel lounge, game room or general breakout space. Most ALTAR artifacts are apparent story-telling centerpieces.

Lacfi, also the creative engine behind the “Arcade Resurrection” collection, says: “We believe that our artifacts are places of fun, domestic worship – a celebration of dedication, personality, boldness and a bit of nostalgia.”

ALTAR Furniture started almost by accident.

“I collect pinball machines and the first coffee table conversion happened after a machine broke,” says Lacfi. “I figured that turning it into furniture would both save it and give me an excellent excuse to stick it in the living room.”

And upcycling became a new form of luxurious fan art.

“If you’re going to buy a bespoke object from us, we want you to utterly adore the finished creation. We need to know what makes you tick – so we create a table that you’ll be extremely happy with. We’ll spend months sourcing the right parts if we have to, to make the finished piece utterly amazing.”

In the past year ALTAR has showed its work from London to Los Angeles, from Berlin to Budapest, and has created customized items for clients such as Stan Lee and Universal Music.

Currently András and crew are preparing a brand new collection for 2017, and are in the pre-production phase of brand partnerships with the UK’s premiere luxury car maker and top high-end pinball scariness involving the world’s most famous cult sci-fi/horror franchise.