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An offer was made and we decided we couldn’t refuse it. The fine purveyors of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con asked us if we’d like to show our wares – our Arcade Resurrection line, to be precise – at the most prolific comic book creator’s very own Comic Book Convention. We agreed to do it on one condition – that we actually had pinball centered coffee tables that were relevant to the attendees. Luckily, we were able to bring our PETER’S APPLE, SMASH!, THE SHUTTLE and HOT TOUR across the pond and 1 ½ continents for ALTAR’S First Public Appearance on American Soil.

interactive coffee table


The response was spectacular and positive – especially from the many exhibitors who came by. An absolute highlight was when Stan Lee himself blessed a few of our products. You see, we created our own ALTAR honor to Stan in the form of the resurrection of his beloved typewriter that had been slammed down to the ground by his wife many years ago. Upon discovering an interview with Stan from 2009, that recalled the story, we set to work to imagine what such a machine would look like upon it’s resurrection as not one, but two machines. We engaged world-renowned comic book artist,  Bernard Chang, to illustrate the backstory and built pieces that brought tears to the man’s eyes.

stanlee oldal

When he saw them, he kept repeating to anyone who would listen that he these were what he had so many years ago. He loved the touch we gave them and signed both of them.  He also accepted one as a gift from us to place in his study. As far as we know, the relationship between Stan and his Wife remains.  We’re honored to have been able to present the Lee family with our own twist on such a memorable personal event.


All in all, the Con made for long hours, but a lot of fun, great people and many new fans of the ALTAR way of life.

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