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  /  ...WHAT HAPPENS TO US   /  100% Design: Hundreds knelt at our ALTARS!

100% Design was nearly driven into the ground in previous years, and almost met it’s old HQ’s, Earl’s Court  fate.  With new owners Media10 taking curation seriously again, and bringing it to a beautiful new venue, the 2015 edition proved to be amazing. The sunlit grounds of the Olymopia where a fresh air after the dark exhibitions halls one come to expect, and the qulaity of services and products was a wonderful surprise. Without being too self flattering, nothing could prepare the UK design industry for our ‘Arcade Resurrection’ line of pinball coffee tables. ‘The Phantom’ -being fully functional- was the biggest hit, never short of kids demoing the table, but the Astors and the Natuzzis also had a go. We met met lovely people from The Conran Shop, Harrods, Peldon Rose to name a few, and will surley return in 2016!


I am sorry, I have no idea how you spell your name…


Evening prayer at the Olympia.


Santa works for RIBA. Did you know-ho-ho?


On site resurrection!


Free booze makes a happy crowd.


As soon as we had Dilithium crystals and real meteorites, I knew we had a table!


I am sure she’ll understand, it’s only six grand…


I am afraid we have run out of plastics bags Sir.


Victory indeed.


No, we never daisy-chain! H&S first!


Heavy lift.


It’s alive!


Smile, and the world smiles right back at you!


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