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Hey there! My name is András, and I am a fan.

I am a fan of music, movies, arcade games, cool t-shirts, art, food, drinks, diving and drums. I am the father of two, I live in Budapest. Though I have received several awards for my work, I have nothing to do with design.

On September the 17th 1986, a few days after my 13th birthday my life was turned upside down after I saw Iron Maiden live for the first time .
It was still only the intro playing to ‘Caught Somewhere in time’ when I knew I was home, this was it, I was hooked, addicted, a lifer without parole.

My enthusiasm for music, rock’n’roll culture never wavered, and though later on my horizons broadened significantly, deep down I will always be a fanboy of the genre. Decades after, pinballs caused an almost similar upheaval in my life, and the mixture of the two would later start a new career for me.

András is Altar Furniture

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